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An Article Market Robot User Review

An Article Market Robot User Review

Question: Would you rather subscribe to a service where you have to pay a (sometimes high) subscription cost or use a piece of software like Article Marketing Robot that only charges a one time fee and does the exact same things and more? I’m assuming you would rather just pay the one time cost and use your money to actually invest in making money as opposed to lining someone else’s pockets? Up until now there really hasn’t been a very good or effective software program for article marketing. Most either have too many bugs that cause excessive crashes and errors, only submit to half the directories they claim to submit to or are just not worth the ridiculous asking price. I’ve been using article marketing since I first started in internet marketing and Article Marketing Robot is easily the best article marketing tool I have ever used.

If there is one certainty in the world of internet marketing it’s that high search engine rankings matter. Article Marketing Robot will help you achieve those high rankings. Case study after case study has been done and the one thing that remains the same is that page one rankings in Google is the most profitable source of income when it comes to marketing a product because that’s where people will go to find information. In this review I’ll explain why Article Marketing Robot is necessary if you’re doing marketing information and product reviews.

What is Article Marketing Robot?

To sum everything up, Article Marketing Robot is a software program that submits articles to a large number and a wide variety of article directories and acts as a link building tool. It covers several hundred article directories, wordpress blogs and more which adds up to thousands of possible submission sites. Included in the Article Marketing Robot interface are options to submit the more well known directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Articles Base, Article Dashboard and more. This is something that other article submission software had not offered in the past or had problems including in their interface before. In other words, Article Marketing Robot is an all in one link building tool that every marketer should have in their link building arsenal.

What Features Does Article Marketing Robot Have?

If you’re familiar with the basics of article marketing then I could just tell you that Article Marketing Robot does everything you need to do article marketing properly. Article Marketing Robot will do everything from create accounts (as many accounts as you desire), submit articles, spin articles, spin on submit, scheduled submission, automated email confirmation for the directories you sign up for and autoblogging. Article Marketing Robot also includes Captcha Solving so you never have to fill out a single Captcha.

Importing an exporting articles is easier then ever. After Article Marketing Robot submits your articles the software will then find your links at the different directories, save them for you and submit your LiveLinks to an RSS Submitter. There is also an extremely powerful article rewriter that eliminates the need for a separate article rewriter program. To top it all off, you get free Article Marketing Robot technical support for as long as you need it. The technology of the powerful Article Marketing Robot is second to none and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

How Does Article Marketing Robot Compare to Others?

The biggest competitors that Article Marketing Robot has are Unique Article Wizard and SEO LinkVine. The one thing that these two have in common is that they charge a monthly subscription fee and the prices range from $67 a month to $997(!!!) a month. I’ve tried both these services and neither one of them compares to Article Marketing Robot. As a matter of fact I found SEO LinkVine about as useless a service as they come and is still one of the only products I ever asked for a refund for. I find UAW to be a decent service but for the amount of work you have to put in to get the rankings you need is a bit too much. Neither one of these are worth the $67 a month asking price for the cheapest service and Article Marketing Robot is the better deal.

There are other software programs that do the same thing as Article Marketing Robot. The only one I have tried is Magic Article Submitter and that left a lot to be desired and a high error rate. There were other submission software programs similar to Article Marketing Robot that I heard about but these either had too many bad reviews or were far too expensive. I’m not bashing any of the services I mentioned by name because there are people that swear by them but based on my experience Article Marketing Robot has been the best software and best value for me.

What Else Should I Know About Article Marketing Robot?

If what I have told you about Article Marketing Robot so far hasn’t convinced you then you can try the software for 5 days free of charge. If you’re not happy then just don’t bother continuing the service. If you decide to stay you still have up to 60 days total to request a refund if you have second thought past the 5 day trial. I want to remind you again, because it is important to note, that Article Marketing Robot is a ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY and it is more powerful then its subscription service competition. One last thing, if anyone tells you that too many backlinks is a bad thing then they are lying to you. You can never have enough backlinks and Article Marketing Robot will allow you get an unlimited amount of backlinks.

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