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The importance of personal brand

The importance of personal brand

The importance of personal brand

Business is evolving all the time. If earlier it was possible to just make cheaper and better than others, but today this is not enough.

One of the tools to promote their businesses and services is a personal brand. And it can become the main and most important tool that also allow you to sell tens of times larger and more expensive than the average.

What is it and how to develop it? Below I’ve provided some answers to the most important questions about personal brand.

What is a personal brand?

personal-brandPersonal brand – this is when you are recommended to those who were not your client. This image, which is formed by the people, when they hear your name. For example, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and so on. All of these people have already formed a definite impression.

Personal brand has two main characteristics: the reputation and reach. How often and what they say about you. Reputation is very important and is the basis of your brand. Fame without a stable and reliable reputation will not be in your favor.

By the way, it is not necessary that you know everything. The main thing that you were known for their target audience and their colleagues, or in the city.

Where is needed a personal brand?

In your area of ​​high competition? Or the cost of operation of conventional and popular professional differs at times? So, you need to develop a personal brand.

In services, the arts, politics and business often we focus on the person’s name on its expertise. “Black Square” by Malevich and therefore worth millions of dollars, because it drew Malevich. If you draw a square, you are unlikely to him someone will buy it. Hike to the famous doctor or a lawyer will cost you much more expensive than usual. And most importantly, are you willing to pay for it. Trust and expert are very expensive.

If you own a company, then your persona becomes a part of the image of the company. The correct way would greatly increase the competitiveness of your business projects. Think about Steve Jobs. Due to him the Apple brand has become so strong.

As for employees .. Waiting for a new position? Increased contacts and recognition among colleagues? Do not sit back – work on a personal brand. Why does it happen that some hired specialists are valued higher than others, ceteris paribus? They are considered experts, they are paid more, give the best orders? In business, a personal brand.

First of all, a personal brand is built in order to increase its value in the market, that is, it is a tool that helps to earn more. Therefore, of course, we can talk about the personal brand of not only the owner of the company, but also the employee. After all, why use this tool, it’s up to you: to move up the career ladder, get recognition, increase the amount of contracts – everything is possible.

LinkedIn is one of the ways to build a personal brand. How to apply for a job using LinkedIn you can read here .

Work with your LinkedIn profile every day, update it, communicate with people, share your thoughts, be as active as possible. Be sure that your future employer will appreciate it. Practise shows that small linkedin icon for resume will attract more attention and increase your chances to get this job.

How to create a personal brand?

The first thing you need to think about what kind of image you want to create in others. What associations should cause your name? In what areas do you want to be an expert? Of course, it is better to form an image of what you are doing and what you are good. And it should be borne in mind that narrow specialization is better than wide.

Important: Do not start the PR, not yet thought through their image. This is the foundation of your brand, if it is unstable, then everything else will be to no purpose.

When you build an image, start to work on both aspects of the personal brand – the scope and reputation. Here are some recommendations for increasing coverage:

  • create your own personal website,
  • be active on social networks,
  • write articles for trade journals,
  • write the book,
  • keep your channel,
  • speaker at conferences and forums.

Your reputation will be composed of “evidence of the expert” – reviews, recommendations, completed projects, awards and so on. You have to be credible.

Why develop a personal brand is better than the company’s brand?

Many people hesitate to develop a personal brand. They say something like, “I do not want to be public,” “I’ll be better to develop the company’s brand.” However, if you want your opinion considered, you want to sell their expensive services, then develop a personal brand.

By the way, another plus – it’s a huge savings budget. Develop a personal brand is cheaper than the company’s brand.

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